Air project was a collaborative work produced with Brazilian artist, Silvana Macedo.  


Air investigated climate change and air quality and involved month long residencies in both the Amazonian Rainforest Research Station in Brazil and Koli National Park in Finland.  The work was developed through the creation of collaborative partnerships with scientists researching atmospheric conditions and their impact on the forests of these places.


The Air installation brought forward the intangible and mysterious relationship between the Amazon jungle and the Koli forest in Finland, examining how these apparently opposite environments are bound together within the intimate immensity of the global ecosystem.


The installation consisted of three separate parts in dialogue with one another: an air sample from the Amazon forest and two video projections – one produced in Finland and other in the Amazon jungle.  The image shows a greenhouse with a video projected on to the floor which has been flooded with water.  The glass of the greenhouse and the layer of water acted like a crystal, multiplying the projection onto the walls of the room around it.