Leaves installation is a response to God’s Bridge, a natural limestone formation across the River Greta, but also to The Bowes Museum, its architecture and the diverse collection it houses.


It is produced from a multitude of dried White Poplar leaves pinned directly and individually onto the surface of an entire wall in the museum.  There is also an accompanying video piece.


The Leaves installation explores the relationship between humankind and nature. It brings together the infrastructures of the poetic and the scientific as modes of observing and explaining the phenomena that we call ‘world’.


The process of collecting, storing and reorganising the leaves has a direct resemblance to the methods of botanists and entomologists. The mounting of the installation is intensive – leaves, like specimens, are fragile and delicate and great care is required to assemble them. The act of pinning – using entomological specimen pins therefore figures as a performative element replicating the labour of collection and categorisation and its consequent ‘world building’ - an element which resonates eloquently in relation to the The Bowes Museum collection assembled by John and Josephine Bowes.


Adjacent to Leaves is a small LCD screen which shows a video shot at God’s Bridge. This video can be seen as opening up a conduit, a passage inviting one to wonder... to wander along to God’s Bridge, to lay down questions that demand speculative responses which might fill one with wonder, as they did for me, wondering at the very existence of our perceived world.