Memory Suspect

Memory Suspect video was commissioned by Site gallery in Sheffield and was produced in collaboration with Silvana Macedo.  


Memory Suspect presents a journey into the landscape of memory and imagination using shadows as a metaphor for perception.  


This journey begins inside the space of the cinema with the opening of a luxurious red curtain. A shadowy figure travels through different spaces encountering different shadows that have been digitally placed within the corridors of the house and emerge onto its surfaces like ghosts.  These shadows can be seen as carrying memories within them, as they are taken from other classic films and were edited together with our own footage to create a dreamlike narrative sequence constructed by the movement of the camera through interior spaces.  


Perhaps the piece appears to show the memories of these spaces, or perhaps the house can be seen as a metaphor for a mind of the revealed character.


This was a collaborative work with the Brazilian artist Silvana Macedo.